Kuopio – the Centre of Eastern Finland

Kuopio is a thriving modern city and a developing centre for Eastern Finland, casting its influence over an area that contains around 600,000 people. There are approximately 112,000 inhabitants in Kuopio; 90% live in the city and its suburbs, and 10% in rural areas. In recent years, the increase in the population has been about 800 people annually.

Kuopion taidelukio Lumit – Lumit, Kuopio Senior High School of Arts

Lumit was established in Kuopio in autumn 2015 through a merger of two senior high schools, Kuopion Musiikkilukio (Kuopio High School of Music), which  was the first Finnish special high school for music and dance, and Minna Canth Senior High School, whose specialty was performing arts.

Our school has about 550 students, and the studies of arts attract students from the whole of Finland. The annual intake of new students is 182, 56 of whom  are selected for music programme,  16 for dance,  20 for performing arts, and 90 for general studies. The tuition in arts is given mainly in groups but a lot of instrumental and singing lessons are individual.

Everyday work

We give the standard Finnish senior high school education in preparation for the matriculation examination, including mathematics, languages, sciences, history etc. The music curriculum gives insights into music theory, the history of music, as well as instrumental, group, orchestra, and choir work. The dance curriculum includes for example contemporary dance, movement improvisation, dance and art history and choreography studies. Performing arts include for instance improvisation, dramatization, acting, and writing scripts.

To qualify for the matriculation examination and to graduate a student will have to complete 75 courses, and among these there are compulsory, optional and applied courses.

Our aims and values

We give our students a solid background for the Finnish matriculation examination and for later studies in arts or sciences. We encourage personal growth, the development of ethic and aesthetic values, and we emphasize life-long learning. All this is demonstrated in our search for spiritual growth, tolerance, trust, co-operation and respect. This forms a whole that we call ” the spirit of Lumit”,  which can be seen as enthusiastic and creative enjoyment when working and rehearsing together.

Our vision

We are a top senior high school giving learning and artistic experiences that can be seen and heard in the Kuopio area and outside.

Contact us:

Kuopio Senior High School of Arts

Minna Canthin katu 46  70100 Kuopio  E-mail: ilkka.raninen@kuopio.fi

 Tel. +358 17 184 641  Gsm +358 44 718 4641