Rehtorin vierailu Xiangshan High School:ssa lokakuussa 2016

IIkka, principal of Finland Lumit High School in Kuopio came to Xiangshan High School for a visit

Lumit High School in Kuopio£¬Finland and Xiangshan High School became sister school for educational communication and cooperation in May, 2016. On October 31, 2016, IIkka Raninen, principal of Lumit, came to Xiangshan for an one-day-visit.
During the visit, he observed the music lesson taught by Teacher Zhang Ju and a china lesson by Teacher Mei Longyun.
Besides, he communicated with the students in Senior One Class 5 and Junior Six Class 3 and 4 to know more about their daily life at school. In addition, two principals had a further discussion about the educational cooperation afterwards. They also confirmed the visit itinerary and topic for educational communication and cooperation. Meanwhile, they had an effective communication about setting up a website for resource sharing.

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