Xiangshan High Schoolin opettajien vierailu koulussamme elokuussa 2016

Teacher representatives of Xiangshan High School went to Finland Lumit High School for educational and cultural exchange

At the invitation of Finland Lumit High School in Kuopio, a teacher delegation of Xiangshan High School went to Kuopio for a cultural and educational exchange programme for ten days (from Aug. 18, 2016 to Aug. 27, 2016). The teacher delegation was made up four teachers, and Sun Jianguo, the vice-principle is the leader. Now they have completed the programme and returned.
The primary tasks of this programme were teaching research, course management and cultural exchange. Thanks to the meticulous arrangement by the Lumit, the whole schedule was wonderful. Xiangshan teacher delegation had a close contact with the classical music course, popular music course, drama course and art course in the Lumit High School. We attended, observed and discussed in these courses. From these, we had a general knowledge of Finland’s education. The optional class system and a huge choice of foundation courses provided a reference for the high school curriculum reform in Xiangshan. Besides, three teachers from Xiangshan gave a well-prepared lesson which includes traditional Chinese culture, traditional Chinese Painting and Chinese Opera, to the students in Lumit High School. The lesson reflected the aesthetic education while adding traditional Oriental Culture to the education of Lumit.
During the programme, we also built the website for educational communication. Meanwhile, we established Wechat work group to enhance further acknowledgement and communication. It promoted our cultural identity and mutual friendship. We both agreed on the cooperation intention in art, drama, music and curriculum management, which had laid a good foundation for further cooperation afterwards. Besides, two Finnish teachers and ten students will come to visit Xiangshan High School next April. Therefore, we discussed the specific time, the course arrangement and many other things.This exchange programme has broadened our horizon and improved our capacity of cross-cultural communication, which inspires us of the educational and learning concept.
During this programme, the whole delegation strictly followed the discipline and took an active part in learning and authentic cultural communication. This was a vivid embodiment of teamwork and literacy.